Thursday, February 21, 2013

Range Of Light - A tale of boyhood and youth

This is my very first post about an artist and individual besides myself. I am very happy to say that it is my boyfriend! This is something I have been so excited and anxious to showcase! I will begin with the title of the post and why I chose it. It is inspired by a book I borrowed from my boyfriend Christopher Arthur, and also the creator behind the music project 'Range of Light'. The book is written by the wonderful John Muir, an American naturalist, and focuses on his early years of growing up and stories of his youth and his boyhood. Youth and childhood are exactly what I dream of when I listen to Range Of Light. We all have a childhood and that is something we will never forget, and never cease to stop and remember as if it were yesterday. I am ready to see what the future brings but I will always hold certain memories dear to my heart, and this is what Range Of Light provokes in me.
A few basic details about his venture:
Are you working on an album?  
Yes, the album is called WAVES.
How are you recording the album? 
Oh, a little thing called garageband baby!
What was your inspiration in writing this album? 
I've been going through this nostalgic trip lately thanks to netflix and the wonder years. Nostalgia seems to be a main topic lately with everyone writing about their younger days.
What genre would you describe your music?
 I feel like the sound of my music is forever changing. I feel like I'm going into a little more structured verse, chorus, and bridge with this new album. I would say it has a very world pop feel to it. I think my song WAVES best describes what sound I'm trying to go for.

Range Of Light is currently in the process of recording his new album WAVES and I am patiently awaiting to hear this nostalgic tale of boyhood and youth.
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