Monday, October 12, 2015

Sitting Beside You

Sitting beside you
A book in your hands
My pen on this page
Sometimes there are no words to be uttered
A few simple moments of sweet looks exchanged
A strong, familiar feeling falls upon us
An agreement that beauty and love have arranged.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Different Houses

Yesterday I walked through a lovely neighborhood
accompanied by two souls dearest to me
It was night
The air was still
Trees towered the houses
springing scents into the smooth air
One distinct home-
Secretly concealed by an enchanting gate
enveloped in vines
I wondered and dreamed of what dwelled within the gate
We walked onward
nature hummed
We listened
Another solitary home-
a path of white roses trailed to the doorway
And another home-
endless stained-glass windows-
we peaked inside
A dim light was glowing softly
I wondered what the people were like
who lived in these houses
each one unique
Some with brick, and some with stone
Others with green foliage flourishing about their courtyards
white-wood panels, vines covering brick and stone,
fragrant flowers
Not one was only just common
This stroll, with those I love dearest-
These lovely houses, as we are-
not one the same.


Friday, October 9, 2015

Mine, You Are

Mine, you are
I beg of you to stay right here
even when beyond your control
You are my whole heart
My calm spring in a feverish place
My gleam of light splintering through the trees
in a dim wood

Don't allow me to envision
a life aside from you
No other path is comprehensible
You are my treasured angel
My beloved
We will soon be solitary
You and I,
Mine, you are