Friday, January 27, 2017


I live in a quiet burrow
Deep in the darkest of woods
Though visible still,
by a piercing gleam of light
Do not think me as blind
but paralyzed with sight

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A kind thought

Sometimes I fear
Will it ever be enough?
I only want to care
And do as I should do-
Go on as I should
Like the flawless motions of the fluttering wings of a hummingbird
The tide of the ocean stopping exactly where it is intended to
What is my purpose?
I have searched the rolling sea
I have wandered through the restless woods
And studied the bird's song, unceasingly
But still, I cannot figure it out.
Then, softly, a kind thought came to me:
"Let them see."
So I wrote the thoughts that came to me
These reveries inside of me
The fears, and utmost honesty
And all there is of me

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Day By the Sea

When will be the day that I find peace?
It's today, it's today
I resolved to taking a path to the sea.
I nearly slipped among the watery stones leading my way.
And all I could remember was the longing in my bones.
Perhaps there was another world, undiscovered
Perhaps I was meant to find it one day.
Along my path,  the grass grew tall
allowing me to see only what was ahead.
The sea was a blanket stretched across the coldest parts of the Earth.
I walked along the shore,
I was in no hurry.
The water was lukewarm,
and tiny shells slid past my bare feet.
I asked again,
When will be the day that I find peace?
It's today, it's today

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


The light peaked through
in such a way my whole day shifted
my soul felt warm
as though a long winter had finally ended
and the sun made an appearance for the first time
I wanted stillness
I stood- unmovable
knowing the moment would end
grasping the rays while I could
Thinking, wishing-
Why can't I just stay here?
I could lie down sweetly, peacefully
Just one more second
And now I must begin the day


Monday, October 12, 2015

Sitting Beside You

Sitting beside you
A book in your hands
My pen on this page
Sometimes there are no words to be uttered
A few simple moments of sweet looks exchanged
A strong, familiar feeling falls upon us
An agreement that beauty and love have arranged.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Different Houses

Yesterday I walked through a lovely neighborhood
accompanied by two souls dearest to me
It was night
The air was still
Trees towered the houses
springing scents into the smooth air
One distinct home-
Secretly concealed by an enchanting gate
enveloped in vines
I wondered and dreamed of what dwelled within the gate
We walked onward
nature hummed
We listened
Another solitary home-
a path of white roses trailed to the doorway
And another home-
endless stained-glass windows-
we peaked inside
A dim light was glowing softly
I wondered what the people were like
who lived in these houses
each one unique
Some with brick, and some with stone
Others with green foliage flourishing about their courtyards
white-wood panels, vines covering brick and stone,
fragrant flowers
Not one was only just common
This stroll, with those I love dearest-
These lovely houses, as we are-
not one the same.


Friday, October 9, 2015

Mine, You Are

Mine, you are
I beg of you to stay right here
even when beyond your control
You are my whole heart
My calm spring in a feverish place
My gleam of light splintering through the trees
in a dim wood

Don't allow me to envision
a life aside from you
No other path is comprehensible
You are my treasured angel
My beloved
We will soon be solitary
You and I,
Mine, you are