Thursday, May 16, 2013

Geneva Miller-Handmade floral headbands

I am delighted to showcase these beautiful hair pieces crafted by hand from Geneva Miller. Geneva is an artist, songwriter, and Victorian inspired gal. I am lucky enough to be sister-in-laws with this lovely person, and be around her creativity and sweet soul often. Here is a glimpse of her dreamy mind and handmade floral headbands.

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1.) What inspired you to make your headbands?
Many things inspired me to make my headbands, mainly silent films, old photographs and lovely actresses from the turn of the century. I love flowers in general, so to incorporate that into an accessory seemed ideal.

2.)What are you inspired by in general?
So many things/people inspire me. I adore Victorian and Edwardian Fashions. Everything aesthetic from that era inspires me greatly. I also admire Pre-Raphaelite art a great deal. I especially love the work of John William Waterhouse. His paintings are beautiful. James Whitcomb Riley is another great inspiration; all of his writings are so dreamy. And of course Nature is a huge, HUGE inspiration. Meadows! I wish I could always be in a field of flowers.

3.)Do you have a favorite flower?
It’s hard to pin point a favorite. I love white roses and daises.

4.)Do you have any websites you are showcasing them on? Selling, etc.
I have yet to make a website to showcase my headbands. I am planning to make an online store soon though. As for other random websites floating around, I have a tumblr where I often post pictures on: also have a bandcamp with a few old songs I wrote. I have been working on new material, so hopefully in the near future I will be focusing more on my music.

5.)What other crafts do you enjoy?
I enjoy drawing. Every once and a while I’ll come up with random sketches and ideas. I also love to sing and play music for fun.

6.) What should others know about you?
Hmm, I’m a shy person by nature but I truly have an itch to break out of my shell. I want to travel and meet new faces. I also love my husband and my pet bunny to pieces!