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Personal Interview by Hello, Mr. Rabbit: Untitled
1.I strive to live a lifestyle that is....
Peaceful, honest, pure and self-sufficient.

2.I have read much of your personal writing on your website, what does your writing mean to you?

My writing definitely holds a meaning because I don’t always write. When I do, it is because something must have really spoken to me, and I feel like it needs to be documented in some way so that I may always remember those thoughts or feelings. Writing or expression in general helps me to get over fear, and brings light to to certain moments. I also always hope that in some way someone out there is reading and feels a little less alone.

3. You have the most beautiful voice ever! When did you start playing and writing music? Who are some of your role models/inspirations in the music world?

Thank you for being so sweet!
I seriously began playing and writing music about six years ago, I would say. I have always been inspired by singer/songwriters especially of the folk music genre. Some  to name are: Shirley Collins, Jean Ritchie, Joanna Newsom, Vashti Bunyan, Josephine Foster, Neil Young, & Judee Sill (and too many more).

3. Every time you post a new photograph on your blog or instagram, I am completely in love with the dreamy qualities and the feeling they all capture. How would you describe your photography? (or what you like to photograph, favorite photography inspiration, etc).

I would love to describe it as dreamy. I love when photos replicate old photographs and have that soft, grainy feel to them. I have always loved to photograph nature, but lately I have been documenting moments that seem too perfect to leave unnoticed. Instagram has made that simple to do, and even more-so than before, I have been seeing life in a photographic form!

5. How would you describe your personal style?

It is definitely a form of representation. I undoubtedly appreciate vintage clothing. Most of my clothing is either vintage or second-hand because I  accumulate so much, and am constantly moving clothes in and out. I have always appreciated items that are older and unique because they are more rare and individual than something that is current. I love colorful floral prints and lace.

6. What made you decide to start blogging and showing others into your world? Who are your favorite bloggers?

I had always pondered starting a blog but had a hard time expressing myself in that form, and didn’t want to just write about myself all the time. I have close friends and family that are so incredibly talented and wonderful, and I wanted to start a collective where I could photograph them and feature a segment of my blog in dedication to them. Since I had begun projects about the people around me, I finally felt encouraged to post from my own photos more, and my own heart. Initially, I felt like no one would truly care about the little segments in my life, but then I realized I care about others, so they may care to see mine. It was a lot like the purpose I have in writing music and publicly sharing it. It may not be interesting or relevant to everyone, but some people may really relate, and appreciate it by seeing it for what it is. Since I have been more involved in blogging I have met friends like you who have reached out to me, and I am so very glad I have begun!

As far as bloggers, I would have to say:
Hello, mr rabbit
Windswept Wishes
Ginger Kisses
I haven’t begun following many bloggers yet since I am fairly new but I certainly plan to!

7. How do you gather inspiration? What do you do in times that you feel uninspired?

If I am looking for it, I love to flip through old books with paintings and/or poetry, or listen to records, pick up an instrument and play songs, cooking or creating a craft. I have always loved digging through old family photographs. There are so many albums and boxes. I also love to have a long conversation with a close friend. All of these things bring me good inspiration. However,there are moments of sadness and tragedy that seem to bring on a great deal of inspiration as well.

8. What are your favorite things about the early Autumn season? (smells, tastes, sights, etc).

Definitely the changes in color of any foliage. Living in Southern California, it is rare to experience a full season of color and smells so when I notice trees changing, I do soak it up as much as possible! I love the warm greens and browns of fall. I also adore pie. Pumpkin and pecan are always the pies I crave in autumn! Sweets have my heart as well as warm drinks.

9. If you could share with the world one thing that you have learned in the past year, what would that be?

I have learned that time is very valuable. Especially giving your time to the people in your life that mean a lot to you. I also continue to learn that no matter how much fear I can have in certain situations, I am still alive, and okay, and that brings me peace.

10. I see you in photographs with books quite often, what are some of your favorite reads?

I wish I could say I was someone that you couldn’t find without a book in hand. I have many books I study and admire off and on. I have a collection over the past few years of children’s books that I reflect back to, as well as books on gardening and different flowers of the world, trees of the world, animals, old songbooks, fairytales, poetry, naturalist authors, Victorian paintings, and books that feature other artist’s illustrations I find beautiful. My favorite reads would have to be an assortment of fairytales by Hans Christian Anderson, and writings from Laura Ingalls Wilder.

11. Tell us a little bit more about yourself and what you do.

Well, this is a tough question. I sat pondering for a while what I should say. I am  twenty-four. I work full time at a law office. It is not the job I dreamed of doing. I basically fell into it when I needed a job three years ago, and I have been working there since. I have dreams of learning and growing a thriving garden, as well as gaining experience on a small farm. I have grown more passionate about being self-sufficient so that is one goal I have made for myself. I really love animals and flowers. I am not in school. However, there are days I wish I could be in a structured environment learning something I was passionate about. I have a lot of dreams and goals for the future and I have made promises to myself to take small steps at a time to make them happen. It means everything to me to live a life of purpose and to change for the better. I suffer from anxiety. That may not be something most people would include as an answer to this question but I feel like it adds to a huge part of who I am. I deal with it daily in life and constantly overcome difficult situations. I began playing music when I started having anxiety attacks about seven years ago. That was another promise I made to myself at the time. It was to be honest about dealing with those issues and not to hold back on expressing it for the sake that other people may understand. Ultimately, it has taught me a lot about myself, and the amount of strength I do have to get through situations . I am very grateful for the people in my life, and I am very excited to  travel and see new places, and also gain more knowledge about the things I love.

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