Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Looming Projects

It has been quite some time once again since I have posted something. I have been quite busy lately working on music among other wonderful things. I am in the very tedious process of recording two new albums. One is an instrumental album titled 'On a Bed of Roses -Notes For a Dreaming Heart'. I am hoping to release this album by the end of December/early January. The other album I am recording is going to more than likely take me a bit longer, though I will be recording little clips here and there such as this one below of my song 'Blanket', which will be on my new album. As time passes I am more and more reflective and grateful to be able to express all that is within my heart through song. I also feel peace when others feel the sentiment behind the music, and I deeply appreciate any support I have been given, and can only hope this can be a support for anyone else out there listening.

2014-10-28 09.59.47 1

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