Sunday, January 12, 2014

January begins a new year.

This year I am feeling a shift within me. I have so much inspiration building up inside that I am hoping will drive me to accomplish some dreams this year. I spend so much time dreaming and creating. I have been at the same job for a few years now but I am hoping to branch out eventually and do something I enjoy. I have been studying floristry books, and continue to immerse myself into the beauty in life that brings me joy. What more could I ask for? Money and supporting one's self is such a stressful obstacle with immense pressures this day and age. All I want is to pass the time and my days with something that brings me joy, and serves a purpose. Something meaningful to me and my being. It can be hard to find encouragement from your surroundings. Not everyone you wish could believe in your desires will. That is why you are you. Not everyone will understand, but we must do what is best for our souls. I will never stop dreaming and giving up hope that I will do something worthwhile that does hold some sort of meaning to me, rather than passing the time with my ordinary job sitting at a desk all day. Life is far too precious.
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