Friday, October 25, 2013

Brooke Ashleigh - The Darkside

It is October. With that being said, there is no one more perfect to have interviewed and photographed than my beautiful friend Brooke Ashleigh. Brooke is a photographer along with other forms of expression. The last few times I have spent with her have been her taking photos, and I have witnessed her inspiration for the darker side of things. She is filled with ideas left and right and I am always so excited to be a part of her projects. This time she is in front of the camera. In the spirit of Halloween I am glad to share with you a glimpse of Brooke Ashleigh, a very special lady.

1.) What made you interested in photography? Are there any other forms of art that you create?
I have always been obsessed with anything art-based. Didn't matter if it was movies, photos, music. I had to look and recreate in my head. I have a vivid imagination that can really be overwhelming sometimes, but I wouldn't change it. I'll take all the depression, anxiety, happiness and insecurity that comes with it.

2.) I see a recurring theme of horror in your work. What is the inspiration behind it?
Having a preoccupation with Fangoria Magazine, Tales From The Darkside, and anything I was not supposed to watch on HBO late night all around the tender age of 8. I watched Dario Argento's Suspiria at around 10 and that had the biggest impact on me. The colors, goblins music, the murders. Everything in it was vibrant; even the blood was beautiful. I knew after that I had wanted to make images that would get right in your face.

3.) Do you have any fears?
The older I get the list gets longer. I think the fear is knowing that life can come and go. There is not that innocence of being 13 and thinking life is taking forever. It is happening quickly. I have my textbook ADD, OCD and anxiety issues, but come on, don't we all?! Let's not all hide now!!

4.) I'm assuming that your photography is very therapeutic for you; what other forms of healing do you practice?
Learning how to breathe properly. I don't breathe. I do EFT and meditate when I can, listen to brainwave beats to kind of soothe the mind. At least It's a nicer way of shock therapy instead of 1964 asylum treatment. No offense to anyone in an asylum in 1964.

5.) Is your art going to be featured at any upcoming galleries or showcases?
I was featured in a show put on by Luka Fisher and bored to death. I've been wanting to showcase my work, but I get all shy!! What an excuse. Luka came in and said, "You're doing it." So, now I want to show off the pics I take of the people I adore and love.

6.) What do you see in the future?
I would like to know what's going on in 2 days!! The future is tricky. I write stuff down, but keep it private. I love people and always try to keep somewhat of a kind heart to all, but some try to pour hatred on the things that make your heart sing, so I keep quiet.

7.) What is the most important thing you want people to know about you?
How much I appreciate the people who support and inspire me. If it wasn't for Jan and Sammi pushing me 6 years to go for it, my lord, who knows? Shadi for the knowledge, Jennifer Juniper Stratford for being my hero and the most amazing visual artist, Giannaxgianna for taking a chance with me, Katie for listening to me freak out, Lisa for telling me to go for it and not worry about make-believe homelessness stress, Gabby and Alicia to push me, the list is huge. There are so many people, and that is the one thing I want people to know; that I love them, and appreciate them. You got my back, I got you boo. 

Please check out her work!

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